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Kausar Jamals anthology of short stories launched


Audience of the launching ceremony of Dr Kausar Jamal’s first anthology of short stories titled “Jahan-i-Degr” (Another World) at Pakistan Academy of Letters.


Speakers on diace : Mansha Yad, Khalida Hussein, Iftikhar Arif. Prof Aftab Iqbal Shamim,  Dr Kausar Jamal and Anjum Khaliq

Islamabad—“Her stories are steeped in acute consciousness of self. The stories she has written, reflect how deeply she has studied the society she is living in. Her dialogues are crisp and in stead of indoctrinating us, she gives us a balanced view in her stories”.

These are some of the observations made during the launching ceremony of Dr Kausar Jamal’s first anthology of short stories titled “Jahan-i-Degr” (Another World) at Pakistan Academy of Letters.

Literary organization Imkan organized the launching ceremony that was presided over by PAL chairman Iftikhar Arif. Prof Aftab Iqbal Shamim was the chief guest on the occasion. Noted short story writers Khalida Hussein and Mansha Yad critically appreciated her short stories and viewed her entry into the realm of short story as a welcome event.

Iftikhar Arif in his presidential speech held that Kausar Jamal presented a balanced view of life in her stories. She is economical in use of words, said he and has mastered of conveying her meaning in a very few words.

Prof Aftab Iqbal Shamim highlighting various themes and aspects of Kausar Jamal’s stories said Dr Kausar Jamal in her stories has relentlessly exposed the static, snobbish society we are living in. She draws deep meaning from things which look superficial and without meaning to us. Her stories ‘Gawahi’ (Evidence), ‘Achi larki Buri larki’ (Good girl, Bad girl) and ‘Halal Murghi’ add to our vision, said he. Some of her stories said he, are written in poetic beauty.

Khalida Hussein appreciating Kausar Jamal’s art said Dr Kausar Jamal mourns the spiritual loss and death of originality in her stories. Her creative genius has thrived on horizons which are full of promise. First in China and then in Australia Dr Kausar Jamal has observed Nature in its diversity, said she. This is why her stories excite us and her characters move us. Mansha Yad called her a skilled writer who relates unbiased account of the lives of expatriates as well as the local community.

Speaking on the occasion Dr Kausar Jamal said she was encouraged by Mansha Yad and Prof Aftab Iqbal Shamim. She recalled the days spent in China and Australia in different literary and educative activities. She said there she learnt a great deal from the lives, rules and norms of the land. She has tried to pen down what she has felt in as-it-is form. There is no moral inference and it is up to readers how they judge her stories.

Yousaf Aziz, Mehmooda Ghazia and Zoya also spoke on the occasion. Towards of the end of the launching ceremony Imkan’s president Anjum Khaliq gave a vote of thanks. Asghar Abid, Prof Inam, Jalil Aali and Wafa Chishti also attended the launching ceremony.


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